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An applicant is a physician who has never before applied for a certifying examination, or whose application was previously not approved for that examination.

Board Eligible Candidates

When an applicant has received notice from the ABPath that the Credentials Committee has approved their application to take the ABPath examination, the applicant is now a candidate for certification and can declare himself/herself to be “board eligible”. The period of eligibility is 5 years from the completion of training, or in the case of subspecialty application, 5 years from the completion of training or initial (primary) certification, whichever is later. Diplomates must be current in their participation in the MOC program to be eligible to take a subsequent certification exam.


Registration is required for any individual whose application for an examination was approved, but the individual did not take or pass the examination. Registration consists of completing the online registration and certificate forms and paying the required fee.

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