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  •         Photo I.D.
            Please bring government-issued photo identification for your initial check-in at the exam center.
  • Examination time
    FOR SPECIFIC EXAM SCHEDULES: PRIMARY & SUBSPECIALTY USE THE EXAMINATIONS LINKS TO THE LEFT. Times listed are the actual starting times of the examination.  Please be ready to enter the examination center approximately 10 minutes before the posted starting time so you will be settled in your assigned seat and ready to begin the examination.  Announcements and instructions will begin immediately. Once you have entered the center, you are expected to take your seat and remain seated until you have logged into the examination and the first item appears on the screen.  Your computer will be logged on for you if you are not seated when the examination begins. During the examination, you are not permitted to leave the 6th floor of the examination center; only during scheduled breaks.
  • Microscope(s) – TAMPA
    If you are taking an examination with microscopic slides, Nikon Alphaphot 2 microscopes with 10x widefield oculars, 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil immersion objectives, non-removable mechanical stages, Abbe condensers, and built-in light sources will be provided in the ABPath Exam Center.  You may bring your own microscopeIf you bring your own microscope, bring an extra bulb.  Ancillary microscopic tools are not supplied by the ABPath.  You may bring immersion oil for the Hematopathology examination ONLY. You do not need oil for any other ABPath exam.
  • Microscope(s) – TUCSON
    If you are taking the Anatomic Pathology exam, the ABPath provides an Accuscope 3002 series microscope with 10x oculars and 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x (oil) objective lenses; non-removable mechanical stage, Abbe condenser; N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm; coaxial and fine focus; LED rechargeable.  You may bring your own microscope.  If you bring your own microscope, bring an extra bulb.  Ancillary microscopic tools are not supplied by the ABPath. You do not need oil for the ABPath exam.
  • Waiting area
    There is no reason to come to the ABPath Exam Center earlier than 10 minutes before the start of the examination. There are comfortable waiting areas on the first floor. At 10 minutes before the examination, proceed to the examination center and wait in the designated area for examination center doors to open. Please be respectful of other tenants on this floor by not blocking office entrance areas or the elevator area while waiting.
  • Blue Exam ID Card
    A blue Exam ID Card will be given to you at registration. The card will include your name and User ID for the examination(s) being taken.  This card is to be carried with you when you leave the center for any reason.  Please return the blue card to the proctor when you have completed all examinations.
  • Personal items in the examination center
    The only personal items permitted at the workstations are jackets or sweaters, eyeglasses, microscopes, and ancillary microscope tools (e.g., polarizing lenses). No other personal items are permitted in the workstations. Do not bring communication devices, including pagers and cell phones, personal organizers, calculators, books, notes, pens/pencils or papers to the examination center. A pen will be provided to you. Food (including candy and gum) and drinks are not permitted at workstations. However, drinks, candy, medications, small luggage and backpacks may be stored in the monitored storage area, and access to this area is available with proctor notification. A drinking fountain is available in the hall. Smoking is not permitted in the building.
  • Cell Phones
    The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited on the entire 6th floor of the ABPath Examination Center building.
  • Queries during examination
    In spite of the great care exercised in the proofreading of examinations, typographical errors may occur. In practically all instances, these are simply spelling or typing errors, and the meaning is readily apparent. Out of fairness to all candidates taking the examination, examiners and proctors are instructed not to answer individual questions, make judgments, or interpret a possible error. Candidates should accept the fact that, as in daily activities, errors in typing or recording of information may occur. If a candidate believes that an error exists, he or she should bring the matter to the attention of a proctor during or immediately following that section of the examination. The ABPath reviews the entire examination prior to scoring. If it is determined that an error is critical to correctly answering a question, that question is eliminated from the final scoring of the examination.
  • Restroom breaks The only breaks allowed during the examination are for brief restroom visits that are available to one of each gender at a time. No restroom breaks are allowed during registration, during the practice exam and announcements, or during the last 10 minutes of the examination. Please check with a proctor before you leave the center.
  • Notes during an examination No notes may be removed from the examination center. A candidate may be subject to disciplinary action should this occur. Scrap paper is provided to be used for calculations, etc. All examination instruction booklets must be returned intact and with no marking.
  • Temperature of examination center
    Because of the difficulty of adjusting the temperature of the examination center to the satisfaction of all, you may wish to bring a sweater or jacket.
  • Sounds, scents, and civility
    In consideration of other candidates, please avoid wearing strong fragrances, making unnecessary noise, and other actions that may be disruptive to others. Earplugs are available in the front of the room.
  • Mothers Room -Lactation Room (Tampa only)
    For Moms that are breastfeeding, the ABPath has a designated room in which you may use during breaks.  A small refrigerator is available.  Please notify the proctor when registering for the examination.
  • Examination Results/Certificates
    Examination results will be posted to your Board Correspondence screen in Pathway 4-6 weeks after the last day of administered examination (Primary/Subspecialty).  A certificate will be mailed (to the current mailing address in Pathway) to all successful candidates approximately three months after the release of examination results.  

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