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  • Certification status reported to ABMS will contain the notation that a diplomate is either clinically active or clinically inactive.  The designation clinically inactive will apply to any pathologist who reports to the ABPath that they were not involved in direct or consultative patient care for the full twenty-four month CC reporting period.
    • Working forensic pathologists are not clinically inactive.
    • Diplomates in fellowship programs are not clinically inactive.
    • Non-employed physicians, or physicians not actively working as pathologists may report as clinically inactive.
    • Pathologists working only in a research or academic position may report as clinically inactive.
  • Diplomates reporting as clinically inactive for consecutive CC reporting periods must provide ABPath with a letter of explanation for the lapse in active practice.  Letters may be faxed to CC at 813-289-5279 or e-mailed to
  • Diplomates reporting as clinically inactive are required to continue participating in CC in order to maintain current certification status.
    • These diplomates must continue to submit reporting forms ABPath every two years.
      • Since these diplomates have no practice from which to draw data, they will not be required to report Improvement in Medical Practice requirements.
    • These diplomates must meet the Component I Patient Safety Course requirement for each 10-Year Cycle.
    • These diplomates must continue to meet the assessment requirement for each certificate being maintained in CC.

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