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  ABPCL perf and part 1


The following email was sent to new and current participants of ABPCL. 


Dec 21, 2021 

Dear ABPath CertLink Participants, 

This email is to remind you of important updates to ABPath CertLink® (ABPCL). Beginning with quarter 1 of 2022, both participation and performance will be measured in ABPCL.

The expected performance standard for ABPCL will be 60% correct or greater, cumulative over four years.

The participation requirement remains the same which is defined as attempting all questions assigned for each quarter. Between 15 and 25 questions are assigned per quarter, depending on previous performance.

Quarter 1 is expected to begin on January 10, 2022. You will receive an email with log-in instructions when your questions are ready. 

Important! When you log in for quarter 1, all past participation and performance data will be wiped clean from your dashboard. Rest assured, all past participation has been recorded and will be counted toward the required participation. Performance will be measured beginning with quarter 1 in January 2022.

If you have any questions regarding ABPCL, email Thank you! 


American Board of Pathology


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