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American Board of Pathology Announces New Officers and
Board of Trustees for 2021

TAMPA, Fla, (January 11, 2021) - The American Board of Pathology (ABPath), the leading organization that certifies physicians in pathology, is pleased to announce the election of the following officers for 2021:

President— Edward R. Ashwood, MD, Aurora, CO
Vice President and Treasurer— Jeffrey D. Goldstein, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Secretary— Ritu Nayar, MD, Chicago, IL
Immediate Past President— Steven H. Swerdlow, MD, Pittsburgh, PA

Congratulations to Constance M. Filling, EdD, Washington, DC (Public Member)
who was re-elected to an additional term as a Trustee.

In addition to the officers, Trustees of the American Board of Pathology are:

• Kathleen G. Beavis, MD, Chicago, IL
• Susan A. Fuhrman, MD, Columbus, OH
• Mark Fung, MD, PhD, Burlington, VT
• Mohiedean Ghofrani, MD, MBA, Vancouver, WA
• Eric F. Glassy, MD, San Pedro, CA
• Karen L. Kaul, MD, PhD, Evanston, IL
• Barbara Sampson, MD, PhD, New York, NY

ABPath extends our sincere appreciation to our Trustees for their continued support and dedication. As leaders in the profession of pathology, their guidance and willingness to serve are critical for the Board to fulfill its mission in serving the public and promoting excellence in the field of pathology.

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About the American Board of Pathology
The mission of the American Board of Pathology, as a member of the American Board of Medical Specialties, is to serve the public and advance the profession of pathology by setting certification standards and promoting lifelong competency of pathologists. Founded in 1936, the ABPath accomplishes this mission by establishing certification and continuing certification standards and assessing the qualifications of those seeking to obtain voluntary certification in the specialty of pathology. For more information visit or call (813) 286-2444.


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