Part I – Professionalism and Professional Standing
Diplomates must hold a valid, unrestricted medical license and meet the ABP’s professionalism expectations.

Part II – Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment
Diplomates must meet the ABP’s learning and self-assessment requirements.

Part III – Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills
Diplomates must assess their pathology specific knowledge, judgment, and skills by passing a secure examination during every 10-year MOC cycle.

Part IV – Improvement in Medical Practice
Diplomates must engage in specialty relevant performance-in-practice assessment and improvement activities.

To successfully complete a 10-year MOC cycle, a diplomate must have all five electronic Reporting Forms submitted and approved, complete an ABP-approved Patient Safety Course, and pass a secure MOC exam for each certification.  After successful completion of the first 10-year MOC cycle, the next 10-year cycle will commence.