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The error is a function of Adobe PDF, which we have no control over. If any of the PDF files are ‘corrupted,’ the system will not allow you to finalize. If you have uploaded multiple PDF files, there is no way to tell which document is the problem.

One solution is to update your Adobe PDF software, an alternative solution is to use another computer with updated Adobe PDF software (you may be able to open your existing PDF files with a more recent version of Adobe PDF software and save them with a new name to create a new PDF file).

The following procedure may allow you to finalize:
Be sure you have the newly-created PDF files saved on your computer. In PATHway, delete each of the PDF files from your application or report. Log out of PATHway. Log in to PATHway and upload each of the new PDF files. You should now be able to finalize.

If you cannot finalize after following the above procedures, the staff may be able to assist you during regular business hours. However, the only solution is to follow the procedures described above.

For primary certification applications, e-mail issues to

For subspecialty certification applications, e-mail issues to

For MOC reporting forms, e-mail issues to


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