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Directions: Each of the following questions or incomplete statements is followed by two or more suggested answers or completions. Choose the one answer that is best in each case.

Question 2.
A 77-year-old male with severe peripheral vascular disease presented at the emergency department with severe abdominal pain of several hours’ duration. There was no history of trauma or chest pain. Laboratory studies included:

Patient Result Reference Interval
Total creatine kinase (CK)    275 IU/L 21–232 IU/L
CK-MB                                3 ng/mL 0–5 ng/mL

The most likely source of the elevated CK activity is:

A) a myocardial infarction.
B) rhabdomyolysis.
C) a renal infarction.
D) an infarcted bowel.
E) hepatic congestion.

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