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  • Weather Information for Examinations: The American Board of Pathology plans to administer the examinations as scheduled. If conditions change and Tampa International Airport closes or incoming flights are canceled, new examination dates may be assigned. Written verification of flight cancellation will be required.

    Spring 2015 Primary Results Have Been Posted. Please login to PATHway and check your Board Correspondence tab.
  • 12/11/14
    Clinical Informatics Diplomates for 2014. The American Board of Pathology and American Board of Preventive Medicine would like to congratulate the new diplomates in the subspecialty area of Clinical Informatics...    read more...
  • 11/24/14
    The Trustees of the American Board of Pathology announce important changes to the requirements for the ABP Maintenance of Certification Program.   read more... 9/9/14
    The American Board of Pathology announces the Physician Scientist Research Pathway.   read more...
  • 8/15/13
    Maintenance of Certification:Physician Quality Reporting System (MOC:PQRS). The American Board of Pathology has been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to participate in the MOC:PQRS Additional Incentive Program. ...    read more...
  • 1/13/15
    The ABP apologizes for the difficulty some of you are having when you finalize your application or report. Please review the following for a resolution to the reported issues.
    Android Phones/Tablets. A security warning specific to android phones/tablets when accessing PATHway: 'The identity of this website has not been verified. Server's certificate is not trusted.' Please search the Internet for 'android security warning when browsing' to find a resolution specific to your device.
    Google Chrome. A security warning specific to Google Chrome when accessing PATHway: 'Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information...' Please search the Internet for 'google chrome security warning' to find a resolution specific to your device.
    PDF Upload Problem. The error is a function of Adobe PDF, which we have no control over. If any of the PDF files are ‘corrupted,’ the system will not allow you to finalize. If you have uploaded multiple PDF files, there is no way to tell which document is the problem.
    One solution is to update your Adobe PDF software, an alternative solution is to use another computer with updated Adobe PDF software (you may be able to open your existing PDF files with a more recent version of Adobe PDF software and save them with a new name to create a new PDF file).
    The following procedure may allow you to finalize:
    Be sure you have the newly-created PDF files saved on your computer. In PATHway, delete each of the PDF files from your application or report. Log out of PATHway. Log in to PATHway and upload each of the new PDF files. You should now be able to finalize.
    If you cannot finalize after following the above procedures, the staff may be able to assist you during regular business hours. However, the only solution is to follow the procedures described above.
    Results Letter Problems. If you have a problem opening your results letter, Technical Support has several suggestions:
    1. Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page.
    2. Reinstall Adobe Acrobat, it may not be installed correctly.
    3. Use another computer to login.
    4. You may have your pop-up blocker turned on.
    If your results are not available, please check the My Profile tab. It is a requirement that you possess a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine or osteopathy. If the medical license you have listed is not valid, please complete the Medical License table and upload a copy of your valid medical license in PDF format. The copy must include the expiration date.